Modern Iran: The Pahlavis and After- Second Ed.


 Today’s Iran is rarely out of the headlines. Labelled by George W. Bush as a part of his ‘axis of evil’ and perceived as a real nuclear threat by some, ıran is increasingly seen as an enemy of the West.

With so much attention paid to this country it is inexplicable that we know so very little about it. Indeed, few countries have proved so persistently incomprehensible to Westrn analysis as Iran. But an understanding of modern Iran is a not impossible with a clear understanding of its history.

Modern Iran fills the gaps in our understanding with a comprehensive analysis and explanation of political, social and economic developments in Iran during the twentieth century.

Arguing that Iranian history has been significantly shaped by its relations with the’ great powers’ Ansari provides an import ant reassessment of key events such as the fall of the pahlavi dynasty, the 1979 Revolutions and orgins of the Iran- Iraq war in this strategicallay sensitive country.

Ali m. Ansari is Professor of Iranian History at the University of ST Andrews. His most recent publications include Iran, Islam And Democracy: The Politics of Managing Change (2000) and Confronting Iran: The Failure of American Foreign Policy and the Roots of Mistrust (2006).

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