True Stories SB – Level 5 – Beyond True stories



  • a monkey stealing your groceries as you walk down the street
  • discovering that a map you bought for $3 was actually worth millions of dollars
  • finding your car twenty years after you lost it

These stories and more — humorous, poignant, astonishing — are true!

True Stories is a six-level reading series that provides entertaining stories and effective reading-skill instruction to English language learners, helping them build language skills through a carefully paced, step-by-step process.

The series is appropriate for low-beginning to high-intermediate learners of English as a Second or Foreign Language. The Silver Edition consists of revised editions of six of the highly successful and popular True Stories in the News books that have provided entertaining stories and effective reading skill instruction for many years.

In fact, the first book in that series was published over twenty-five years ago (hence the title “Silver” Edition). The True Stories series has been going strong ever since.

American English – Low-Beginning-High-Intermediate – Six levels  – GSE 24-63